Pope Benedict XVI and Islam – this draft for my note

Posted: August 25, 2013 in fakta menarik, Fakta pelik, Islam

Pontificate : 19 April 2005 – 28 February 2013 (7 years, 315 days)

Name : Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger

Place Of Birth : Bavaria Germany

2006 Current pope statements & lectures he said apologize for Muslim’s world.

He said sorry, he was misunderstan.

Where at least 35 Bishops and 8 Priest embraces Islam.

Many of them chooses to hidden, fearing for the life.

Why should their fear for their life

Vatican going to harm them.

Read very dangerous book – THE ENTITY by Eric Frattini

Secret operations bloody are again opponent

Good reason to fear the life

Hide from public life

This pope quick his job

Remain hidden from the world


8 of them (Bishop and Priests) travel to South Africa to practising Muslim life

3 remain inside Vatican, undercover Muslim after embrace Islam

Priest embrace Islam is nothing new

Esam Mudeer said,

Willing to go there on live, to who call (him) lies to responds

“Demanding respond to my claims”

” I dare the Vatican call me liar to respond.  Official Vatican normally respond “No Comment”

Over 7 years (untill Feb 16th 2013) Vatican kept silent about that “No comment”


In Daily Telegraph Britain’s head line

He accused of ‘Crime Again Huminity’.

“I wrote to him, but no reply” said Esam Mudeer.

Not a single man from Vatican, They are silent

They don’t explain why Pope quits

Coz Catholic don’t expected Pope can quits

They fine many troubling shocking face to the core

It Can Happen to them

Many new paper in the world shocking

How it was disturbing many Catholic Church and many members of Catholic

First the told quits

Quit for leaks the information that might have had

kept coming with different reasons


Vatican have secret archives

Vatican have of thousand of manuscripts the were document leak from Vatican

This why some member of Vatican becoming Muslim every year

ESAM MUDEER SAID (he is a Researcher, Journalist, Vatican Affair and Compare of religion)

I have physical evident to prove my claim

Please face me live in television

Talk to you face to face

Show you what physical evident to support what i am saying

Please contact the Vatican near you and lets them listen to this

I promise u will say no comments

Secret Vatican document was leak outside the Vatican (Google ‘Vati Leak’)

Thousand of Thousand Vatican document was leak

among this material that was manuscript of the ‘Gospel Of John’ in Aramaic (language) translated from Greek to Aramaic

among 2 others ancient copy of manuscript from collections of at least 850,000 manuscript the Vatican have

No more secret by the way

Still have many manuscript hidden from Vatican

This ancient manuscript has the name of Muhammad

this radical and attacked his (Pope Benedict XVI) lectures in 2006

Muhammad is in Bible

See your self

open the heart

The message get across

from secret Archive Vatican Library



Pope Benedict quit his post as Pope for the Catholic Church

he was the first to do so in over 600 years


see more at:


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