Nama Malaysia sejak tahun 1896

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Fakta pelik

-Persekutuan Tanah Melayu merdeka pada 31 ogos 1957

-Malaysia ditubuhkan pada 16 September 1963

-buku ini ditulis 67 tahun sebelum Persekutuan Tanah Melayu bertukar nama kepada Malaysia

First edition cover

Author Emilio Salgari
Original title I pirati della Malesia
Country Italy
Language Italian
Genre(s) Adventure novel
Publisher Donath
Publication date 1896
Media type Print (Hardback)
OCLC Number 176915923

The Pirates of Malaysia (ItalianI pirati della Malesia) is an exotic adventure novel written by Italian author Emilio Salgari, published in 1896. It features his most famous character, Sandokan, and is a sequel to The Tigers of Mompracem.

Salgari used as a source the book A Visit to the Indian Archipelago in H.M. Ship Maeander: With Portions of the Private Journal of Sir James Brooke, K.C.B. by Henry Keppel


Sandokan and Yanez, the protagonists of The Tigers of Mompracem, are back, righting injustices and fighting old foes. Tremal-Naik’s misfortunes have continued. Wrongfully imprisoned, the great hunter has been banished from India and sentenced to life in a penal colony. Knowing his master is innocent, Kammamuri dashes off to the rescue, planning to free the good hunter at the first opportunity. When the good servant is captured by the Tigers of Mompracem, he manages to enlist their services. But in order to succeed, Sandokan and Yanez must lead their men against the forces of James Brooke, “The Exterminator”, the dreaded White Rajah of Sarawak.

Pangeran Macota, Sandokan’s ally, was in fact one of James Brooke‘s bitterest enemies.

Penulis buku ini

Emilio Salgari
Born August 21, 1862
Died April 25, 1911 (aged 48)
Occupation Journalist, writer, novelist
Nationality Italian
Genres AdventureWesternsHistorical fictionScience fiction
Notable work(s) Sandokan The Tigers of Mompracem (series) 

The Black Corsair (series)


Tigers of Malaysia series

  • The Mystery of The Black Jungle
  • Sandokan: The Tigers of Mompracem
  • Sandokan: The Pirates of Malaysia
  • Sandokan: The Two Tigers
  • Sandokan: The King of the Sea

sumber /  From :  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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