Online slang

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Useful

brb: be right back

afk: away from keyboard

lmao: laughing my a*s off

rofl: roling on the floor laughing

l337: Started in an online role playing game where you had to use

your mouse to do most things and to compliment someone you would say 31337 with your left hand (eleet) to quicken things. l337 means that something is really cool in an extremely nerdy way.

nvmd: nevermind

wtf: what the f*ck

idk: I dont know

asl: age/sex/location

gtg: got to go

n00b: Means newbie, a terrible insult only fully understood by the nerdy croud.

pir: parents in room

paw: parents are watching

pron: people say pron when they want to say p0rn but still want to get around the filter

IOI : laughing out loud / its an acronym/lots of luck, lots of love, lots of loosers

rofl=rolling on the floor laughing
lmao=laughing my A– off

Lmao: laughing my a$$ off.

Brb: be right back.

g2g/gtg: got to go.

Wtf: what the _ _ _ _ Variation: wth, what the hell.

rofl: rolling on floor laughing Variation: Roflmao rolling on floor lauhging my A_ _ off.

omg: oh my god/gosh. Variation: omfg. i dont wanna explain.

Ttyl: talk to you later.

Thats mostly all you need to know to be a online chatter 😀

Good luck on poker… LOL (hehe)


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