Caliph Abu Bakar

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Islam

The charitable Trader

He was the first adult male to convert to Islam at the beginning of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), prophetic mission. He became a close friend of the Prophet and familiarized himself with his ideas and character. His estimated wealth according to Ibn Sa’d was 40,000 dirhams, most of which he spent for the sake of Islam, a portion which he spent on manumission of seven slaves; including Bilal Ibn Rabah and Amir ibn Fuhayrah.

He was the only Sahabi who accompanied Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) in 622 AD on his secret emigration to Madinah. He spent some of his most anxious days & nights in the mountains hiding from the Quraysh tribesmen who had vowed to kill the Prophet. The Prophet (peace be upon him) once told Abu Bakr “you’re my brother and my companion of the cave”.

Abu Bakr was assured of his place in Jannah and was regarded as the best Sahabi.

Abu Bakr’s record of service to the cause of Islam was impeccable. Five of the ten most famous disciples of the Prophet were converted to Islam through him.

He was also a propagator of 142 hadiths.

He was a brave soldier who fought alongside the Prophet at the Battle of Badr, Uhud, Khandaq, Hunain and in all other struggles for Islam during the Prophet’s era. The Prophet (peace be upon him) handed over his flag to him on the day of the expedition to Tabuk.

During the Prophet’s illness Abu Bakr was chosen as the first khalifah and
he emerged as the leader who saved the ummah from disintergration in the period of profound grief that followed after the Prophet’s death.

He was regarded as the best orator among the Sahabah.

He mobilized the Sahabah in Madinah, Makkah, Ta’if and other areas of Arabia to crush tribal rebellions and war of Apostasy, (Hab al Riddah).

He was a custodian of records on various matters, including leather and papyri which were used by scholars appointed by Khalifah Umar to prepare the authorized version of Al Quran.

His far-sighted decision to nominate Khalifah Umar as his successor was endorsed by the community without serious challenge.

Abu Bakr died as an old man on 24 August 634 AD (24 Jumada II 13 AH) after leading the community for more than two years.

Source: Sahabah Group


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